The NETS Network

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The NETS Network is a growing association of like-minded churches that are supporting one another through counsel, shared resources and committed funds. The NETS Institute forms the hub of the NETS Network. All NETS Network churches have been planted by NETS field pastors.


What does this support look like?

  • Bimonthly meetings to debrief, ask questions, pray, encourage one another – and take in an occasional Red Sox game
  • Support that’s available when you are, whether it’s late at night or long before sunrise
  • Funding from a church that wholeheartedly supports your mission
  • Adding a new church plant to your young church’s mission budget
  • Loaning your building fund to another plant that needs a building
  • A training session for elders’ wives on launching women’s ministries
  • Organizing a local or international mission trip for construction or outreach
  • Borrowing and lending musicians
  • Taking a family vacation while a NETS resident preaches for you

NETS knows how tough it is to plant a church in the most gospel-resistant regions of the US and abroad. The NETS Network is there for you, helping your church to succeed and reproduce, bearing gospel fruit for generations to come.

We praise God that, once NETS sent us out, we weren’t out there on our own. Chris Bass


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