Profile of a NETS Resident

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A church planter must be a called and qualified Christian (1 Tim 3:1-7).
In addition, NETS church planters are:

Seminary Trained – NETS requires an MDiv or equivalent degree. We know you don’t need a seminary education to plant a church, but our program builds on the knowledge and skills gleaned through seminary. Students are encouraged to begin the application process early in their seminary career.

Evangelistic & Reformed – Our church planters are distinctly Reformed and solidly evangelistic, men who affirm God’s sovereignty in salvation, and trust in the power and sufficiency of gospel proclamation to effect that salvation.

Humble & Confident – NETS is looking for humble yet confident servant leaders, men who will step up and lead while laying down their lives for the flock. We’re also looking for men with a teachable spirit, open to and eager for input.

Robust & Resilient – New England church planters work long hours and face significant trials. They must be physically, mentally and emotionally strong. 

Visionary Entrepreneurs – A successful church planter can visualize what he wants to happen and execute it. NETS is looking for church-planting entrepreneurs, risk-takers who will try new ideas and press on even when some fail. They also need to be willing to take ownership of the church’s success or failure.

Solid Family Men – NETS planters have a healthy marriage and family life. The couple must also be financially sound. Students with excessive debt may be expected to reduce that debt prior to admission.

People-Minded – Church planting is about people. We’re looking for men who enjoy and value people, are relationally savvy, and model honesty and harmony at home and in all of their relationships.

Working Men – Though not required, substantial experience in the business world is preferred.


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