Field Program

The NETS Field Program is a minimum four-year commitment to each church and each church planter. It’s a promise to do whatever it takes to support the church through a successful launch to cruising altitude. What does that commitment look like?


NETS provides approximately half of a church plant’s four-year start-up costs and helps the planter raise the balance, including providing contacts, coordinating fundraising trips, and full use of our design team. We’ll also help locate, finance and construct your building. In addition, NETS Network churches support new plants through giving and mission trips.


How do we recruit the core? What church should we attend? How do we hang in there now that we’re alone? Home school, private or public? Is it time to launch? Church planters face myriad decisions. The residency prepares you for those decisions; the field is where that preparation is applied. And you won’t be out there alone. We’ll continue to coach you on personal, practical, leadership and ministry matters. There’ll be home visits, phone calls and Skype, email, NETS Network meetings, and ongoing interaction with NETS mentors, Network pastors, and their wives.


NETS provides staff support in key areas. Residents act as pulpit supply, and musicians from Network churches help lead on Sundays and at preview services. Our controller maintains professional records for each new church. We also offer professional business and legal counsel, and have been the general contractor for building renovations.



  • Matches a planter’s skills and passions with locations of greatest need
  • Connects planters with churches, foundations and denominations
  • Raises half of four-year start-up costs, and helps the planter raise the rest
  • Creates professional-quality materials for fundraising and advertising
  • Helps finance and/or construct a building
  • Provides individual mentoring through phone, e-mail, Skype and site visits
  • Offers pulpit relief, staff and music support if needed
  • Provides access to the NETS Network
  • Provides transitional coaching and support should a plant fail to launch



  • Facilitated church plants in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Cameroon
  • Seeded the ground by connecting church planters with local pastors and regional denominations
  • Coordinated significant foundation and denominational funding
  • Organized multiple mission trips to our plants in Massachusetts, Maine and Cameroon, each involving from 50 to over 100 people
  • Purchased and renovated buildings for Redeemer Fellowship in Boston and Christ Fellowship in Maine
  • Raised money, helped secure financing, and provided labor for Redeeming Grace Church’s new building in Vermont
  • Guided couples through significant personal and congregational challenges
  • Provided professional legal, financial and real estate counsel
  • Produced professional video and graphic materials for publicity and fundraising
  • Provided ongoing accountability and management oversight for field pastors
  • And much more!

The Field Program is only open to graduates of our Residency Program. Residents must be approved for admission into the Field Program.