Christ Fellowship Church

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Scott Terry is in the early stages of planting and establishing Christ Fellowship Church, and is gearing up for a special fall kick-off with their new associate minister for music, Chris Wells.

Christ Fellowship launched with a core of 21, and now sees about 50 each Sunday. They have targeted ministries for women and men, in-home Bible studies, and outreach events, but the soil in South Portland has proven to be particularly hard.

Recruiting was the theme for Christ Fellowship in the summer of 2013. A 'spiritual survey' conducted at Scarborough’s SummerFest yielded hundreds of contacts and some interesting gospel interactions. Their first vacation Bible school created new inroads into area neighborhoods. And attendance increased steadily, with many first-time visitors throughout the summer. In 2014, they've built on last year's efforts, including growing enthusiasm for individual outreach and a second VBS. 

Portland is one of the toughest regions to penetrate with the gospel: Some 59% of residents are considered “post-Christian.” But Scott’s vision is clear. “We are determined to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified, that the faith of the people of Portland would rest not on the wisdom of men but on the power of God.” 

The NETS Effect

Scott and Julie came to NETS in 2008 from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The Terrys grew up in the Bible Belt: The NETS Residency introduced them to the culture of the most secular region in the nation. Scott served as associate pastor at Belle Aire Baptist Church, a significant partner in this plant, while completing his MDiv through Southern Seminary.

Christ Fellowship meets in a building purchased by NETS with the help of our New Hampshire plant, Christ Redeemer. In 2011, Christ Redeemer loaned NETS $250,000 from their building fund to take advantage of an available church building. Then NETS helped raise funds so Christ Fellowship could pay them back. Scott’s former church, Belle Aire Baptist in Tennessee, provided the balance of the mortgage. NETS also coordinated a mission trip to improve the building.